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Latest Level MSR Software - Version 1.28

Contact CROPSCAN, Inc. to obtain the latest level of the MSR Software. Please provide your MSR serial number(s) and email address. An install file will be emailed to you or placed on a webpage for you to download. The latest MSR Software level version is 1.28. This version will operate on WinXP and 32/64 bit Vista/Win7/Win8(Pro)/Win10.

Setup/Assemble MSR System Hardware Instructions

Install MSR Software onto a PC Instructions

Reload MSR Program and Configuration/Calibration into the DLC

Collect Readings

Retrieve Data to a PC File

Post-Process MSR millivolt (.mV) File [create Reflectance (.RFL) file]

Import Reflectance File Into Excel

User Interface (Menu Flow Chart)

MSR System Checklist / Recommendations [pdf]

Calibration Instructions:

Calibration Check Readings

Store MSR Program and Configuration/Calibration to Memory Card or
MSR Configuration/Calibration to PC .CFG File

Fix / Restore MSR Program to DLC Without Losing Logged MSR Data

Troubleshoot Power Problems

Pocket PC Support

Configure USB to Serial Converter COM Port Number

Typical Battery Discharge Curves

Typical Spectral Curves

DLC Memory Card Differences

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