Fix / Restore the MSR Program

Last update - 4/5/2015

Under rare occasions and circumstances, the MSR program in the DLC may end up at the Basic READY > prompt. Using the RUN command there may not bring back normal MSR program operation and just result in Error messages. MSR program statements in the DLC may likely have been inadvertently modified or corrupted by this point. Downloading and running this FixMSR program will restore the MSR program in the DLC and then allow you to RETRIEVE any logged data in the DLC.

Click on to download the FixMSR package to a temporary folder.

  1. Unzip the package in the same folder.

  2. Copy the FixMSR.exe program to the MSR folder.

  3. If the DLC is still awake and at the Basic Ready > prompt then put the DLC to sleep by typing Sleep and pressing Enter


  4. After the DLC is asleep, connect it to your PC, if not now connected.

  5. In the MSR folder, run the FixMSR program.

The FixMSR program should automatically wake the DLC, restore the MSR program, line by line, and then return the DLC to sleep. A progress bar will be displayed during this operation and it will take about five minutes to complete.

Note: If there had been any MSR line modifications previously loaded, they should be reloaded at this time using the UPMSRDEL program.

The MSR program in the DLC should now operate normally and you may now do a RETRIEVE if you still have logged data.

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