Retrieving Data to a PC File

Last update - 11/27/2009

MSR sensor plot data logged in the DLC can be retrieved to a PC by using the RETRIEVE program.

  1. Connect the DLC to your PC using the RS9M9F-5 cable. Connect the male end of the cable to the RS232 connector on the DLC front panel and the female end to the 9-pin RS232 serial connector on your PC. If your PC does not have a serial connector (some newer PCs do not) but instead has a USB connector you will need to use a USB to Serial converter. Refer to Configuring a USB to Serial Converter for additional information in setting it up.

  2. Start the CROPSCAN MSR Software on your PC.

  3. Select RETRIEVE and press Enter.

    If the correct COM port number is not shown in the brackets, type the correct number.

  4. Press Enter. The following should appear:

  5. Type a file name [eight (8) characters maximum] with the .MV extension and press Enter.

    The RETRIEVE program will automatically wake the DLC and pass various commands to the DLC to cause it to present its configuration and logged data. The various commands will be displayed followed by the configuration and data scrollng upwards on the display. The RETIEVE program captures this configuration information and data to the PC file.

    When the last of the data has been presented and stored to the PC file, the following will be displayed:

    Enter one of the following keys:
      V - View the contents of
      C - Clear the Data in the DLC and then exit.
      X - eXit the RETRIEVE program

  6. Unless you have other reasons to save keep the data logged in the DLC, type C and press Enter. The RETRIEVE program will then instruct the DLC to clear its data memory and will put the DLC back to sleep. The DLC will then be ready for the next field plot scanning session.

After the DLC is back to sleep, control returns to the main CROPSCAN MSR Software Menu:

This completes the RETRIEVE operation. At this point, Post-Processing of the data may be done.

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