Wireless Bluetooth Connection Support

Last update - 9/16/2006

It is possible to operate the DLC/MSR System wirelessly by replacing the RS232 serial cable with bluetooth wireless adapters. Various bluetooth devices exist for RS232 cable replacement. Below, is an example of using a Dell Axim X5 PDA to operate an MSR System by wireless bluetooth connection.

The PDA version of the MSR Software is required to be installed on the PDA. Contact CROPSCAN, Inc. and provide your MSR (Multispectral Radiometer) serial number to receive a copy of the software.

Below, are Basic steps to operate a DLC wirelessly using an Initium Promi-SD202 bluetooth wireless serial adapter, a Dell Axim X5 PDA with a Socket(tm) Bluetooth CF card, and PocketDOS. Note: These instructions may not necessarily work for other combination of devices or PDAs. There may be some other configuration variations required to make an operational connection. By listing these devices here, CROPSCAN, Inc. is not endorsing these devices over any other devices on the market.

It is assummed that the MSR program is already installed and configured on the DLC. It is assummed that this was previously done by direct cable connection between the DLC and your PC.

  1. Install the PromiWin Configurator program on your PC, from the mini CD that came with the SD2002.

  2. Connect power (by USB cord or externally) to the SD202.

  3. Connect the SD202 to the serial port of your PC.

  4. Using the PromiWin Configurator program, configure the Promi SD202 to be discoverable/connectable. Select Device Settings on left portion of PromiWIN window, then select Mode 3, baud rate 9600 no parity and 1 stop bit. Click Apply.

    Click Connection(in) on left side of Window and be sure Other Bluetooth Devices can discover this Promi-SD and Allow other Bluetooth Devices to Connect boxes are checked.

    Power off and remove the SD202 from your PC.

  5. Install PocketDOS on your PDA. Obtain PocketDOS on Internet from

    This requires that you already have Microsoft ActivesSync software, to support your pda, installed on your PC. It is used to install PocketDOS on your PDA.

    After installation and initialization of PocketDOS a simulated C: drive should be in your pda's Built-in Storage.

  6. Install the MSR Software to your PC

    Insert the PDA version of the MSR Software Diskette into the PC diskette drive.

    Run the INSTALL.EXE application. It will install the PDA version of the MSR Software to a PC folder named PdaMSR.

  7. Connect your PDA to your PC using ActiveSync. Using Windows Explorer on your PC copy all the files from



    C:\Mobile Device\My Pocket PC\Built-in Storage

    That should copy the appropriate MSR Software to the PocketDOS virtual C: drive.

  8. Connect SD202 to DLC with the special adapter cable (short gray cable shown in some of the pictures below) and slide the SD202 power switch to the ON position. Note: The SD202 will get its power from the DLC (pin 9 of the RS232 connector), from either the DLC's internal battery pack or power externally connected to the DLC's power input connector.

    Special Adapter Cable Wiring for DLC to Bluetooth Initium Promi-SDs:

                       DLC End                   SD202 End
                         DB9P                      DB9P
                        (male)                    (male)
         Description     Pin     Gray Cable        Pin     Description
     ------------------- ---- ------------------- ----- -------------------
            Receive Data   3  <-.....brown.....<-   2   Transmit Data
           Transmit Data   2  ->>   3   Receive Data
           Clear To Send   6  <<-   6   Data Terminal Ready
     Data Terminal Ready   4  ->>   7   Clear To Send
                  Ground   5  .......white.......   5   Ground
                    +12V   9>.   9   VCC (power in)

  9. On the Dell Axim, the bluetooth transmitter may initially be off. This is indicated by the gray bluetooth icon at the lower right area of the Dell Axim display, as shown below:

    Turn the bluetooth transmitter on by tapping once on the the gray bluetooth icon. Note that the SD202, attached to the DLC, showing its power is on (green light) but it does not yet have a bluetooth connection, as indicated by the status LED not being lit, but justs blinks to indicate it is available to establish a connection.
    The following should appear:
    Tap once on 'Turn Transmitter ON'. The bluetooth icon should turn blue to indicated the transmitter is ON, as shown below:

  10. On the Dell Axim, start PocketDOS. The standard DOS C:\> prompt should display, along with the PocketPC keyboard and Edit, Tools, and Help pop-ups below the keyboard.

  11. At C: DOS command prompt type MSRB and press Enter.

    The following instructions should appear:

         Be sure to make Bluetooth connection:
         1)  Click Tools pull-up
         2)  Click Settings
         3)  Click Communications
         4)  Click COM1:
         5)  Select correct Bluetooth COM port
         6)  Click Next
         7)  Click Finish
         8)  Select approriate Device Name
         Press Enter to continue

Other MSR System functions, RETRIEVE, POSTPROC, and VIEW file can be done at this point. Refer to the MSR User's Manual or online at CROPSCAN, Inc.'s Technical Support webpage.

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